Image and video hosting by TinyPic We constantly try to define what life is supposed to be like, when in reality it's enigmatic. Thats the beauty that lies within it. Why rush it? As long as my breath lingers, I will continue to capture these moments we can only relive deep in our sub/consciousness on a still photo. Appreciate this journey we call life, for it's only momentary.

If youre gonna re-blog, entertain me with some questions?

Go for itย 

theoldnewyorkway asked: imy nigha!


bruh what the fuck is good? been ghostin like crazy?

I’m not completely dead…

This year you’ll be seeing a lot more of me…trust.

doomalert19 asked: Do you like to read? Fiction?


more like LOVE to read. It’s one of my coping mechanisms. Fiction def. rocks but books about crime,ย mysteryย and autobios are my niche.ย